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We are now in the fifth building to house this pioneer congregation.



From 1802 (the date of its founding) until 1812, sturdy Scotch-Irish pioneers worshipped under trees in  summer and in barns and cabins during the cold winter months.

As early as 1809 (the same year the village of Titusville was planned), these Presbyterians held their first communion in a log barn belonging to Jonathan Titus on the site opposite the former Thompson's Drug Store. In 1812, they built their first meeting house. It was made of round logs and was located at the head of Martin Street.

Three short years later a new church was built, this one of hewn logs, a short distance west of where the first one stood on what is now a part of Pioneer Park. It was in this church that the Reverend Amos Chase preached. It was he, appointed as a missionary to the people on the Holland Lands, who organized the church in 1815 - a small group of about forty members from a radius of twelve to fifteen miles. Chase not only was a hardy pioneer, but also a highly educated man of foresight and vision whose influence continued to affect the community until his retirement in 1830, and indeed for many years thereafter.   

The third church was a frame building erected at the head of Franklin Street on land donated by Jonathan Titus. This Church and the Universalist Church on the north side of Pine (Central Avenue) between Franklin and Martin were the only church buildings in Titusville at the time of the Drake Well.   

Both the church and the community had grown to such an extent that in 1863 the congregation made plans for a larger church on a lot on the corner of Walnut and Franklin Streets. This "battened" type building (or fourth) was completed in 1865.   

Just a little more than 50 years after Amos Chase, the missionary who organized it, this Church in turn organized a Mission School. The year was 1871, the place, the southern part of the city. Titusville had received its city charter in 1866. In 1875 a Chapel was built on East Bloss Street (site of the Church of the Nazarene). This served as a Sunday School and meeting place for the next seventy-one years.   

Our Current Church

The original structure of the fifth building, or present church, was dedicated on May 20, 1888. It is made of Medina stone in the Richardson Romanesque style. Since that time, there have been added Emerson Chapel (dedicated 1907) and the Education Building (dedicated 1969) on the site of the former Hampton House used for a number of years for Sunday School classes. In 1986 the offices were remodeled and the Children's Pavilion added.

To be the pioneer church in any Community is a rich heritage.


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