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The church of Bethel Church of God in America is no stranger to controversy.

In fact, the church was once the subject of a book by a former member, and it has been a topic of heated debate for decades.

As the author of the book, Mark A. Hartley, explained in an interview with Breitbart News, Bethel has been the subject to so much negative attention that the church has lost thousands of members over the years.

The Bethel community, however, has not given up on their hopes that their church, which has been struggling to attract younger, more diverse congregants since the 1960s, will finally be able to recover.

In 2017, Bethe Church held its first-ever mass, which was attended by thousands of people from across the nation.

In 2018, Bethea’s largest congregation ever gathered to celebrate the birth of its first child.

While the Bethel congregation was not in full support of Trump, the denomination’s leaders did not want to see him win the presidency.

In response to Trump’s victory in November, Bethell’s congregation issued a call for unity and prayer, and they have since issued a number of statements condemning his rhetoric and actions.

In the wake of Trump’s win, Bethereans were shocked when the Bethe church issued a statement condemning Trump.

According to a statement on the church’s website, the statement said:The Bethe Community is disappointed in the outcome of the Presidential election, especially the results of the election, but we will continue to pray and work for the best possible outcome for all of our country, including for Bethel.

While some have condemned the church for its stance on Trump, others have embraced the sentiment and are welcoming a new generation of Bethe believers to join the church.

According to the statement, the new generation will be able join the Bethere community as they continue to grow, grow in faith, and continue to teach the gospel. 

This is the third year that Bethere Church has held a mass.

In 2016, Bethes first Mass, which featured a blessing from the Rev. Gary Anderson, was held on June 14.

In 2019, the first mass of Bethere was held.

Last year, Betheres first Mass was held during Lent, which is the time period during the Catholic Lenten season when many Christians observe a different way of worshiping.

This year, the Bethes church held its third mass, on June 25. 

Bethany P. Murchison, Betethe’s general pastor, told Breitbart News that Bethel’s new generation has the opportunity to serve as a witness to Bethel during the holy season. 

“This is their chance to share the Gospel with people who may not know Bethel and who might not have heard the word of God,” Murchion said.

“It’s their chance for them to stand and tell the truth.” 

This new generation is the “future of BetHE,” she added.

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