The Passion City Church’s Crosspoint, Bible-based congregation is ‘a true gem’

The Passion Church, a Bible-focused church in Detroit, has become a true gem in the Detroit area, as its congregation has grown from four members to more than 200.

Membership has also expanded to include a crosspoint (a biblical building) in the church, as well as two additional crosspoints.

The Crosspoint Church is a Bible based congregation, with members attending services in an auditorium at the church’s headquarters.

The congregation has been growing in size as of late, with more members than in 2015.

“Our goal is to be an integral part of the community and a beacon for all the people that live and work in Detroit,” Pastor Michael Brown said.

The church has also added another crosspoint in the future, and plans to open a new building in the area to house its expanding congregation.

“I think that it has brought in a lot of good and bad things, but that’s how life goes,” Brown said of the church building, adding that he hopes it will be a catalyst for growth in the community.

The community bible church’s leaders hope the crosspoint building will help the congregation attract new members, while also serving as a place for members to come together and celebrate.

“It’s a true reflection of the diversity of the area,” Brown explained.

“It brings people together.”

The church is currently the only Bible-centered congregation in the city, but has recently gained popularity.

Pastor Brown said the congregation’s growth has allowed him to expand the church and attract new people.

“We’ve gotten really good response,” Brown told Detroit News.

“We’re not just trying to expand, we’re trying to build.”

The new building will be opened in the fall, and will house a larger number of people.

For now, the church is only offering worship services in the auditorium, with Brown adding that more members will be coming into the church in the coming months.

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