How to make your own church’s bible

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

Read moreThe church of Christ has a bible, but you can make your church’s own by taking inspiration from its own story.

Its founder John Macarthur was a charismatic preacher who took on a ministry that would grow to encompass hundreds of thousands of people, including some of the largest denominations in the United States, and it grew to become the largest church in the world.

Its story is one of redemption, forgiveness and renewal.

The church had a rough start, but Macarhthur’s preaching and his preaching’s effect on people was powerful.

The church became one of the most important churches in America.

But its founder also had a dark side.

In fact, some of his followers had the temerity to claim to be followers of Jesus Christ.

Macarthur also took on other controversial issues like homosexuality, slavery and polygamy, and his followers were not only condemned by some for their beliefs but they were often arrested and imprisoned.

But his followers continued to spread his message, even as he was dying of cancer.

The Church of Christ would end up losing almost 1 million members, and by the time Macarhur died, it had lost millions of followers.

But this was the church of Jesus.

John Macarthurs legacy is one that many Christians still want to preserve.

The fact that Macarths teachings and the faith that he instilled were so powerful makes it all the more important that they remain the center of a true, faithful Christian church.

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