Which is better: Eric Church’s “Hope Community” or Eminem’s “I Will Survive”?

Eric Church, a Chicago-born gospel singer-songwriter, has been nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for his music, but it will be the Grammy award for the winner of the Nobel Peace prize for his singing that will matter the most.

On Saturday, the Nobel committee announced its nominees for the Peace Prize, which is made up of two categories: Literature and Peace.

“I have a great appreciation for Eric Church,” the Nobel peace laureate said in a statement.

“His music is deeply rooted in my heart, and he is a great poet, lyricist and songwriter.

His songs have touched so many people in my life, and they continue to bring me joy.”

Church is a member of the Anglican Church in North America, which has become increasingly critical of President Donald Trump, including a series of protests that shut down parts of Chicago last year.

Church’s songs are generally uplifting, upbeat and uplifting and often reflect on the struggles of the disadvantaged in America.

In the lyrics, Church sings of love, forgiveness, faith and redemption.

“Hope Community Church is a church of God and love, it is a community of God, and we are united,” he sings on his song “I’ll Survive.”

“It’s a church that’s been rebuilt.

It’s a community that’s come together.

It is a Church of Love.

And so we can all have hope, because I know the Lord loves us.

God loves us.”

Eminem has been a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, which protests police brutality and has gained momentum in recent years.

In his Grammy acceptance speech on Sunday, Eminem called the Black lives matter movement a “sad movement.”

“The Black Lives matter movement is not the cause of all of these problems.

It exists, but the causes of some of these issues are much more immediate and immediate, like racism, racism, the systemic racism that exists in this country.

These are things that we see in our own communities,” he said.”

But what is also important is that these causes have an impact on the lives of people who are experiencing those issues, and the people who have the power to affect those issues.

So we have to understand that these issues exist and they are part of the struggle of all humanity.

We have to work together.”

Eddie Vedder and Emeli Sandé are nominated for their songs “Love and Trust” and “You Are My Sunshine.”

Vedder and Sandé’s “Love And Trust” was a popular song during the 2016 presidential campaign and is widely considered one of Eminem’s best songs.

Sandé was also nominated for her song “You Were the One” that is about the death of a child, who was struck by lightning.

Eddy Vedder’s “You Can’t Hide” was also a top-10 hit for Eminem in 2016.

Eminems latest album, Revival, was released in 2017.

The 2018 Nobel Peace laureate has also been nominated as a member for the Nobel Literature Prize.

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