When a Catholic Church Says No to Gay Marriage

An October poll by the National Review Institute showed that a majority of American Catholics oppose gay marriage.

That poll came shortly after the United States Supreme Court ruled against a federal appeals court ruling that upheld California’s Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage.

In response to the ruling, the National Catholic Register (NCR) published a piece by a spokesperson for Pope Francis entitled, “The Catholic Church and the Church of the Mass.”

The article argued that “marriage and family are sacraments, not human rights, but that it’s no longer acceptable to say ‘we’re not going to recognize this as a civil right.'”

In the NCR article, the spokesperson for the pope wrote that “the church cannot allow same-gender relationships to be accepted as legitimate.”

“If you want to celebrate marriage and children, you must not exclude them from it.

And if you want your church to offer such things, you have to be consistent,” the spokesperson said.

The NCR spokesperson then quoted Pope Francis as saying, “I don’t believe that we have to deny that homosexual acts are wrong, that homosexual behavior is sinful.”

But that’s not the first time the pope has made statements that have been seen as homophobic by gay and lesbian Catholics.

In 2014, the pope criticized a group of Catholics who were being pressured by their congregations to not allow gay marriage and marriage equality.

Francis also told gay Catholic activists in 2013 that “we need to resist the urge to embrace same-gendered marriage,” adding that “it is a sin to be gay.”

“You have to make it clear to the LGBT community that their marriage is not legitimate,” Francis said at the time.

Francis has also been outspoken in his support of gay marriage, as evidenced by his 2013 decision to marry the father of his first child.

He even wrote a book titled, “In Search of Love: The Life of Jesus of Nazareth,” which is devoted to gay Catholics.

The book is described by the book’s publisher, the Catholic News Agency, as a “powerful, compelling and moving study.”

The Catholic News Service described the book as “a radical new theology, with profound implications for our understanding of marriage, love and sexuality.”

Francis, a Jesuit priest, is also known to have a history of anti-LGBT comments.

In 2009, the archbishop of Canterbury, the most senior Catholic leader in the U.K., publicly defended the ordination of gay men to the priesthood, stating that it was “the right thing to do for our society.”

Francis also made headlines last year when he told the pope of Argentina that the Catholic Church should “respect the people who disagree with it.”

“It is a church that respects its diversity and its differences,” Francis told the pontiff.

“The church is an institution, and we have a responsibility to listen to our neighbors, even when they don’t agree with us.”

The pope’s statements about homosexuality and same- gender relationships are not unique to the Vatican.

Pope Francis has said, “If I had a child I would be attracted to a man, and I would take that child into the world.”

In 2014 he was asked if he thought homosexuality should be legalized in the United Kingdom.

He replied that “there are certain things that you have that you don’t want to be seen as homosexual.”

Francis has long spoken out against the persecution of Christians in the Muslim world, and his 2014 book “At the Crossroads: Pope Francis and the Future of the Church” was hailed as a manifesto for the Church in a region in the Middle East where Christians are increasingly persecuted.

“Pope Francis is speaking out on behalf of the voiceless, for the marginalized, and for the poor,” the book read.

“His voice is an important part of the Gospel.

He is calling on us to respond, to stand up for the voicework, and to stand for justice, compassion and love.”

The NCRM article continues: “As a result of Pope Francis’s vision for the future of the Catholic church, the number of Catholics in the world is increasing, but the number in the Catholic world is shrinking.

Pope Benedict XVI’s successor, Pope Francis, is a strong advocate for the dignity and worth of every human being.

He has spoken out about the evils of capitalism and the exploitation of the poor.

But he has not advocated for a return to the Roman Catholic church as the spiritual and moral foundation of the world we live in.

His vision of the future is one of the most important things we can learn from his pontificate.”

The National Review article, which was published on October 11, 2017, was authored by former Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Follow Milo Yiannopoulos (@Nero) on Twitter.

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