What happens when the Trinity Church becomes Concord church?

Next Big Futures: Trinity Baptists church in Concord, New Hampshire, has already undergone a massive conversion in recent years, and they have made a big leap in membership.

They’ve been converted from their original congregation of about 1,200 to a congregation of more than 6,000.

Trinity Baptist Church pastor Kevin Gies, who leads the church, told Next BigFuture the transformation is “very humbling.”

Trinity Baptist has always been an inclusive church, but after the church converted, it became a “very difficult decision for us to have to make because we didn’t want to be exclusionary or preach exclusion,” he said.

Now, they are “part of the mainstream” church.

Trinity Baptism is one of the largest and most influential Protestant denominations in the United States.

The church has a membership of about 2 million people.

As of May 2018, the church had about 9,000 members.

Gies said the church is seeing a “significant increase” in membership as a result of its conversion.

Trinity church leaders are also trying to increase their church’s profile by working with the media to reach out to people of other faiths.

Gied said they’ve been trying to do more than just reach out and talk to people.

“It is something we have always tried to do,” he explained.

“But it has always involved us being really humble about it.”

Trinity baptist pastor Kevin Kies has been working to make a big impact on the church.

GIES said he believes that the church’s conversion was an opportunity for the church to become more inclusive.

“We want to make sure that when we reach out, we have the right people who are listening to us,” he told Next Good Future.

“If we have a community of people that are going to want to go to our services, they’re going to be listening to what we’re saying and they’re not going to go off and be offended or hurt because that would just be wrong.

It would be really, really hurtful.”

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