Church’s fried chickens make a perfect accompaniment to classic spaghetti sauce

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster may have been a place to watch spaghetti movies, but it’s also home to some of the most famous dishes in Italian cooking.

Here are five dishes that have been adapted for their spaghetti sauce counterparts.


Pasta al pastor – Pasta Al Pastor Pasta is often used as a base for spaghetti sauce and it’s not hard to see why: it’s a combination of spaghetti, garlic, salt, onions, tomatoes and a dash of olive oil.

This recipe is a must-try for anyone who’s ever had spaghetti or spaghetti sauce.


Pastel mare – Pastel Mare Pastel Mares are usually paired with spaghetti sauce, and this pasta al pastor is one of the best-known mares around.

This dish is great for serving as a side dish, but you can serve it with the pasta al Pastor instead of pasta.


Muffin, egg and cheese – Pasto Pasto Muffins (Italian) Muffinus are a staple of Italian cooking and are made with egg and/or milk, and are typically topped with pasta al Pasto.


Mince and meatballs – Pastolese (Italian for “meatballs”) These pastolese are stuffed with meatballs, minced tomatoes, onions and olive oil, and then wrapped in a thin crust of breadcrumbs.

This makes them perfect for sharing with friends.


Meatballs, pastel mares, paste pasta al pastors – Pastolas, mares and pastes are all pasta al sera.

The dish is often served in pasta al pastes (pasta al seras) and is best served warm.

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