How to get into the faith of a pastor at the Bellevue Baptist Church

A pastor in Bellevue, Washington, is taking on a new challenge to keep his faith alive and attract the faithful: convincing people to take part in a Bible study.

 Bible Study Pastor Michael Stegall has created a website called “Bible School.”

 The site features the work of several of the church’s leaders, and also includes information on the Bible itself.

The site includes a video on how to do the Bible study in the church, and explains how to prepare a Bible for the audience, including a list of questions they should ask the pastors about the Bible and what to expect.

“We wanted to take on a challenge to make our community stronger, so we could continue to speak to a broad audience,” Stegalall said.

Stegall and his team of pastors are teaching at Bellevue’s First Baptist Church.

First Baptist Church is a historic church founded in 1889.

It was renamed the Bellevues Baptist Church in 2002, but its pastor remains the same.

Some church members have called the church a “Christian-heavy” church.

Church members have come together to support Steganls efforts to build a Bible school.

People can sign up for classes through the website and can also participate in a free Bible study at the church.

“Our focus is to encourage people to look at the Bible as a living document and to listen to the words of Scripture and understand them,” Stecall said, adding that some of the materials are “relatively innocuous.”

“There are lots of good things in the Bible that people can learn and use for good purposes.”

Steganlls efforts are being supported by a grant from the American Federation for Children, and the church has raised over $2,000 from its members.

In addition to teaching people the Bible, Steglall has also created a blog where he shares insights on the church and his own life.

On his blog, he shares personal stories of people who have helped him to live a gospel that is important to him, and he encourages others to follow his example.

According to the Bellevuing Courier-Journal, the Bellevued Baptist Church has a membership of about 5,000, and it was founded in 1890.

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