The church is ‘no more’ in the spotlight

News Corp Australia has revealed the Sydney church it once operated was no more, with the congregation sold and its finances handed over to another church.

Key points:The Church of Christ in Sydney was shuttered in 2017 for financial reasonsThe church’s leaders were forced to move to another Australian churchThe congregation was sold to the New Covenant Church, a church group who claim they are not affiliated with the churchThe church was sold for $2.9 million in cash, according to a financial statementA report into the church’s finances released to News Corp shows the church has been unable to pay its bills, and its assets have been transferred to a church-controlled entity.

News Corp Australia confirmed it had been told the Church of Jesus Christ in Christ was closed in 2017.

“After discussions with our financial advisor, we are unable to continue operating the Church,” the statement read.

“We are not a church, we’re a group of people who are members of Christchurch’s Christchurch community.”

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